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Kira is a nonbinary artist from Calgary, Canada. Their practice is centered on exploring tenderness through the mediums of textiles, clothing, photography, and bookmaking. Alight by the concepts of queerness, the domestic, intimacy, memory, the everyday, and mental health, they are interested in relationships: relationships to the self, people, and the environment around oneself. How do these relationships change? How do our feelings towards these relationships change? How do they adapt with distance? Honing in on small nuances and intricacies through diarist photography, Kira aims to highlight the sensibilities that form and shape these relationships. They are interested in how photography can be used as a tool to engage with loved ones, community, and practicing care. Kira is currently living and working in Calgary, after having been in Tokyo for the past four years. They are currently working on their clothing brand and exploring new textile possibilities.


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