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I think I ought to tell you
I think I want you to know 


Select spreads from

I think I ought to tell you

I think I want you to know

100 editions, 2021

74 pages

Bilingual English/Japanese

Photographs, design, and writing by Kira Walz

Japanese translation by Haruka Matsuzaki

Self-published photobook

Printed at Inuuniq, Tokyo

Premiered at Tokyo Art Book Fair 2021

Launched at Berri, Tokyo 2021 



I think I ought to tell you/I think I want you to know

“I started taking my medication when I started to move here. Whenever someone asked me how I’ve been doing recently I always tell them, “Great. I started taking anti-depressants and moved into my own apartment.” My friend hit the nail on the head when she said that this apartment is now only associated with good health and happy memories.”

This book includes photographs and writing about my history with depression and suicidality. It covers my experience starting anti-depressants when I moved into my own apartment, both for the first time. 

It’s very exposing, honest, and vulnerable.
Through this I would like to have open and transparent conversations around mental health. Part of profits go to LGBT+ non-profit organizations working with mental health


Select images from Tokyo Art Book Fair premie and book launch and live reading.

All film book launch photographs by Taka Mayumi

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