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Live Beautiful Days/ a Proposal to Life 

A group show occupying a famed but defunct bakery in the Jiyugaoka neighbourhood of Tokyo. This show looked at the beauty in the mundane of the everyday. 2021.

Group members Terry-Dayne Beasley,
 Hans Klein and Oni Bowles with an ongoing social kitchen iteration from Shiori Takahashi

Can you feel it ? (I call this my depression bed)

Site specific installation. Photograph printed onto single bed comforter cover filled with stones, brick, and concrete from bakery site placed over old futons (Japanese style beds). 

You can only wear this comfort (and it won't even be a perfect fit)

11.5 x 17 inches silk print sewn onto self made chiffon partial vest 

Did you see it? Mt. Fuji on the horizon?

Silk Impression print, 54.7 x 39.3 inches


I don't remember where this was 

Inkjet print, 33.1 x 46.8 inches

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